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Marvel One:12 - Amazing Spider-Man Deluxe Set

Regular price $143.99 CAD
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The One:12 Collective Amazing Spider-Man evokes the nostalgic look and feel of his comic appearances, suited up in a classic Spider-Man suit with web detailing! The Amazing Spider-Man figure boasts a whooping 5 head portraits that include a light-up eyes portrait, 2 masked portraits with different eye shapes, an unmasked Peter Parker portrait, and a Spider-Sense portrait. The all-new web accessories include a shield, parachute, body slingshot, lasso loop that attaches to the torsos of most One:12 Collective figures, backpack, and more. Track down the Green Goblin with the included spider-tracers or capture the perfect photo for the Daily Bugle with the included camera that can be worn around Spider-Man's neck. Each One:12 Collective The Amazing Spider-Man - Deluxe Edition figure is packaged in a collector-friendly box, designed with collectors in mind.