About Us

We started Canucktibles because we saw a need to offer a variety of easily accessible products to the Canadian online customer.  In our own collecting, we grew frustrated not being able to find a place to order the products we wanted that was based in Canada, and that made Canadians their primary focus.  While there are many great independent shops in our country offering these products, many do not offer an online shopping service and it is often not possible to visit these great stores in person.  As a result, frequently the best and sometimes only option has been to order from US retailers, which results in high shipping costs, costly currency conversion, and often additional import fees.


Being dedicated to Canadian customers means that all business on canucktibles.ca is conducted in Canadian dollars.  There is no need to look at listed prices and try to figure out what your products will actually cost you. There is nothing worse than thinking you've finally found a reasonable way to purchase the items you've been looking for, only to see that final cost grow way beyond what you had originally anticipated.   All payments will be processed in Canadian dollars.


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please contact us.  We would also appreciate any requests or recommendations for products you would like to see us carry.  While we may not be able to accommodate all requests, we would like to know what there is demand for.  All feedback should be sent to sales@canucktibles.ca.